Family and friends newsletter

Since I have started spending all of my free time on useful pursuits, I have noticed that I spend considerably less time talking to my friends and family, especially those that don’t live near me. I am not the kind of person that keeps lots of friends, but I do place lots of value on keeping the ones I have. So, recently I decided that I should take a page out of StartupDigest and start sending an email newsletter to my close friends and family.

My wife and I both spent some time writing up a short history of the past several months in our lives, what is new, what the changes have meant to us, and what we are planning to do next. In the meantime, I judiciously friended everyone on Facebook that I thought might want to get this little newsletter. After getting most of them on a list in my google contacts, I sent it out, and to my surprise, a large number of them responded back with something positive to say. It gave me a chance to find out what everyone else was doing in their lives too, and to connect with people again. Most people were just thankful to hear from us and offered us an encouraging word as we embark on some ambitious life goals.

With that, I encourage you to try something similar if you haven’t been giving your F&F the attention that they deserve. It will make you feel better and most of all, they will probably appreciate hearing about the things happening in your life.